Gathapraya Comitee

Gathapraya Experiences Hello, in this opportunity i want to tell my experiences at Gathapraya event. What is Gathapraya? Gathapraya is my school annual event. Every year we come up with different name, this year is Gathapraya. Last year was Megantara. So lets get into it shall we?
Well, a lot of people have told their experiences at Gathapara event as a participant. Mine is quite different because Iam the Gathapraya Comitee. To become the comitee, we have to follow a series of 'test'. One of them was to come to Dago Car Free Day, and there we have to sell some second hand stuff to help funding the event. After we got accepted, we conduct pleno meeting several times to explain, share and communicate the event. Almost every day we sold foods and drinks to gather money for the event itself. We started to work for this event appoximately 4 months before D-Day.
On D-1, we worked very hard, we prepare the venue (Bali Field), we decorate it. We come up with a lof of problem such as h…

Advertising Liberty Statue

Hello, i have post my advertisement about Liberty Statue on youtube. Go check it out. Link down below.

What Will You Do On The Next Holiday?

What Will You Do On The Next Holiday? Ridwan  : "Hi Ridwan! How are you?" Farhan   : "Hi Farhan! Iam fine thanks. By the way, holiday is coming, what is your plan on your next holiday?" Ridwan  : "I will go to America on my next vacation." Farhan   : "Wow! What a plan! When will you do it?" Ridwan  : "I will go there on 25th of December. Just about 3 weeks from now." Farhan   : "Oh, have you bought your ticket already?" Ridwan  : "Yes, my brother already bought the ticket." Farhan   : "It's quite expensive right?" Ridwan  : "No, actually my brother got a discount on our ticket. So,it's not very expensive." Farhan   : "That's nice, with whom will you go there?" Ridwan  : "Of course i will go there with my whole family" Farhan   : "What are you going to do there?" Ridwan  : "I will go to the 2017 Tomorrowland, and i will go to the Miami Beach." Fa…

My Teacher My Saviour

My Teacher My Saviour
       I had this sad experience when I was still in elementary school. Although, the distances between my house and my school is actually not too far away, i still went to my school by car. I have a lot of exams and assignment that has to be collected that day. I just had a 2 hours sleep that night because Iam busy studying and working on my assigntment. In the school I was very sleepy, I almost slept in my class during the exam. It was not a good way to start the day.
       It's not a good day for me, I just want to go home and sleep because I was very sleepy. but later that day, after school I have to attend a Football Extracuricular. I attend it after school approximately around 2 PM. I went to the football field by foot with my friends. We stop by a minimarket to buy some food and drinks for later. I bought a coffee, I hoped that it can help me going through the extracuricular activity. Actually, it was fun, i enjoyed it so much. Iam no longer sleepy, a…

Conversation With My New Friend

Meet My New Friend, Ridwan*In the school canteen, we accidentally bump each other* Ridwan   : "Oh! I am so sorry, are you okay?" Farhan    : "No problem, It's just my bread, at least I am fine." Ridwan   : "Let me buy you another one, I am hungry too. Let's go!" Farhan    : " Okay! Let's go!" *Ordering some bread for both of us* Ridwan   : "By the way, I am Ridwan." Farhan    : " I am Farhan, nice to meet you. Are you a new student here?" Ridwan   : " Yes, I am a new student here. What class are you in?" Farhan    : " X Science 4. What about you ?" Ridwan   : " X Science 5. Oh, you're me neighbor !" Farhan    : " What extracuricular you will join in ?" Ridwan   : " I will join Belitung Muda. It's a football extracuricular. I join it because one of my hobby                  is playing football. By the way, what's your hobby ?" Farhan    : " I like pl…

All About Me

It's All About Me
Hello !! Today is the day when i first make my own blog. I will explain all information about myself. My name is Yusuf farhan. My friends used to call me Farhan. I was born in Bandung on 9th July 2002. I live in Bandung on Sangkuriang street no. D-3. Iam a single son so i dont have any brother or sister. I live with my grandfather, my grandmother, and my mom. My father live in Jakarta because he works there. Now, i am a high school student on SMAN 3 Bandung. I am a 10th grader. SMAN 3 is the most favourite school in Bandung. My school is full of intelligent students mostly from all across West Java. But some students also come from another province. You can also interact with me through any other social media. I will mention that below. Thats all from me in this first post. Hope you guys like it. And 'll see you next time. Bye !!

Social Media: ID Line            : yusuffarhann Instagram         : yusuf.farhan Phone Number : 082129180434